ebook: The Complete FreeBSD released!

Greg Lehey, a kernel hacker specializing in BSD UNIX, decided to release his book "The Complete FreeBSD" under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.5 license.

From TOC:
1. Introduction
2. Before you install
3. Quick installation
4. Shared OS intallation
5. Installing FreeBSD
6. Post-installation configuration
7. The tools of the trade
8. Taking control
9. The Ports Collection
10. Filesystems and devices
11. Disks
12. The Vinum Volume Manager
13. Writing CD-Rs
14. Tapes, backups and floppy disks
15. Printers
16. Networks and the Internet
17. Configuring the local network
18. Connecting to the Internet
19. Serial communications
20. Configuring PPP
21. The Domain Name Service
22. Firewalls, IP aliasing and proxies
23. Network debugging
24. Basic network access: clients
25. Basic network access: servers
26. Electronic mail: clients
27. Electronic mail: servers
28. XFree86 in depth
29. Starting and stopping the system
30. FreeBSD configuration files
31. Keeping up to date
32. Updating the system software
33. Custom kernels

Download the book: book.pdf.gz (m)
Download sources for rebuilding the book: source.tar.gz

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